The new Jetfon X-500 is a desktop SIM phone that brings phone connectivity to places where a fixed-line does not exist or is not available. The Jetfon X-500 is a compact model, with all the functions of a conventional analogue desk phone and all the benefits of GSM technology. You can have fixed telephony access in places without an analogue line, thanks to the introduction of a SIM card

Jetfon X-500 Hands-free GSM Desk Phone

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  • This is a perfect solution to be able to offer telephony to a second home, for example, with the convenience of being able to call via the mobile network, but with a conventional desktop terminal. One of its advantages is its great ease of use because it has a simple and intuitive menu. It also integrates a battery with great autonomy, which guarantees the operation of the phone in case of power failure. In addition, this model offers comfortable communication thanks to the integrated hands-free and the management of made, received and lost call